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"'Ulloa,围城🎴 Doctor,要塞💸 'ere we are again! What ho! The old firm! Who would 'ave thought you'd come to this?"


Now,要塞🎉 the peoples of West Africa have curious tastes in dress. They love bright things. And some Fantippo dandy started the idea of using up old stamps off letters by making suits of clothes out of them. They looked very showy and smart and a suit of this kind made of stamps became a valuable possession among the natives.


A good strong canoe had by this time been put at the Doctor's service by the King,围城💳 who was also having the post office houseboat built at the Doctor's orders.

"Well,围城🏇 I was always adventurous by nature. And,要塞👡 plucking up my courage,要塞🍋 I scrambled up the vat,要塞🐕 on to the edge of it. It was awful dark and I could just see the dye,围城🌻 glimmering murky and dim,要塞🌉 far down inside.围城要塞"The white mouse would roll them down the hole"



At length reaching the great glass lamp chamber at the top,围城👒 he set down his candle and,要塞🚃 striking two matches at once he held one in each hand and lit the big wick in two places.

围城要塞Well,围城🍄 after ten days John Dolittle got what is called the Domestic Mails in pretty good shape. Domestic mails are those that carry letters from one part of a country to another part of the same country,要塞📌 or from one part of a city to another. The mails that carry letters outside the country to foreign lands are called Foreign Mails. To have a regular and good service of foreign mails in the Fantippo post office the Doctor found a hard problem,要塞💔 because the mail ships which could carry letters abroad did not come very often to this port. Fantippo,要塞🔹 although King Koko was most proud of it,要塞📅 was not considered a very important country among the regular civilized nations and two or three ships a year were all that ever called there.

And now the Doctor set out with his animals and the old Chief to return to Nyam-Nyam's country from the land where he had been imprisoned. On the way they kept meeting with groups of the Chief's people who were still hiding in the jungle. These were told the glad tidings of the Emir's promise. When they learned that their land was now free and safe again the people joined the Doctor's party for the return journey. And long before he came in sight of the village John Dolittle looked like a conquering general coming back at the head of an army,围城💸 so many had gathered to him on the way.

围城要塞John Dolittle had thought that he and his friends had gone home to London. But they hadn't. They knew the Doctor would need them and they had just hung around outside the town. And then the Doctor,要塞😽 after lecturing Cheapside again about politeness,围城🏡 gave him back his job.

"My word!" the Doctor murmured in a quiet voice. "Here one could almost believe that the Flood was not over yet!"

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    "'Where have you been?'"

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    "And I have no doubt,围城🐖" the Doctor ended,要塞🏨 "that this slaver who took away the woman's husband was no other than Jimmie Bones,要塞🔭 the man you are after."

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    "What is the fastest foreign mail delivery ever made by any post office anywhere in the world?"

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    And in the jungle,要塞🌇 where the frightened villagers had fled to hide,要塞📭 Obombo made whispered speeches to little scattered groups of his father-in-law's people,要塞🚚 telling them what fools they had been to trust the crazy white man,围城🍻 instead of listening to him,要塞🐡 who would have led them to greatness.

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    "Now,要塞🎬 it happened that a few days later a neighboring king made war upon the king that owned the country where the pig family lived. Things went very badly for the pigs' king,围城🍄 and,围城🚳 seeing that the enemy were close at hand,围城🏪 he gave orders that all cattle and farm animals and people should be brought inside the castle walls. The pig family was also driven into the castle grounds. But before he left,围城✍ the baby pig went and bit off a piece of his Magic Cucumber and took it along with him.

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    Bigger and bigger grew the home-made land and soon Mudface's new estate was acres wide. Still another order from Speedy; and presently the rattling noise changed to a gentle hiss. The sky now was simply black with birds; the pebble-shower had ceased; it was raining sand. Last of all,围城😿 the birds brought seeds: grass seeds,要塞🙊 the seeds of flowers,要塞✉ acorns and the kernels of palms. The turtle's new home was to be provided with turf,要塞💠 with wild gardens,围城🙎 with shady avenues to keep off the African sun.

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    "No,围城🍎 Speedy,围城💴" said the Doctor. "See,围城📻 you have an ounce weight on the pan as well as yourself. That makes you only three and a half ounces."

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    About this time,围城🚜 too,围城📄 in the civilized parts of the world one of the things that arose out of all this penny-postage business was the craze or hobby for collecting stamps. In England and America and other countries people began buying stamp albums and pasting stamps in them. A rare stamp became quite valuable.

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